Memento Mori
by David Gerstein


Edition of 1 Framed
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Artwork Size: 31″ × 31
Subject: Animals, Portraiture, Still Life
Style: Contemporary

About this product

David Gerstein’s beautifully intricate artworks are characterised by immense technical skill and versatility, complemented by a strong sense of irony and humour.In his multi-layered works, the border between the two-dimensionality of painting and the three-dimensionality of sculpture becomes blurred, and this, combined with his vivid colours and playful use of motif has established him as a unique and memorable artistic voice on the world stage. David views his works as neither pure painting nor pure sculpture, but as objects which reject the conventional boundaries of the framed image and colonise ‘a new living space’. They take on a life of their own which is not constrained by the expectations of media or genre but inhabits a colourful hinterland between two and three dimensions. The materials he uses as he composes each piece have great weight and solidity, yet the light and space between layers and angles gives them what was described by critic Naomi Aviv as ‘an airy presence’.

Biography and work by David Gerstein

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