New York Central Park Winter, 1971
by Salvador Dali

Limited Edition Print Framed
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Medium: Lithograph in colours with collage
Artwork Size: 22″ × 30
Framed Size 35″ × 44″ Framed
Subject: Animals, Figurative
Style: Contemporary,Surrealist

About this product

New York Central Park Winter takes as its starting point a reproduction of Central Park, Winter – The Skating Pond, a painting by Charles Parsons. The original painting features in Dalí’s lithograph, adding an element of collage to the composition. The vivid blues and reds of the skater’s swishing skirts are transferred into the sky, which is now dark as though it is night-time, and the skaters themselves become butterfly-winged fairies, floating across the ice. It is as though, after dark, the polite and uptight world of 19th Century New York has become a magical playground for mystical creatures.

Biography and work by Salvador Dali

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