On Your Marks..
by Debbie Boon

Edition of 95 Framed
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Medium: Limited Edition on Canvas
Artwork Size: 18″ × 26
Framed Size 25″ × 33″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary

About this product

he setting may be a river, lake or pond, but for this mallard duck in a hurry, it’s a runway. On Your Marks captures the moment before it takes flight and the energy and speed of this sleek and beautifully coloured bird is conveyed in each perfectly rendered detail; the angle of the head, the racing feet, the raised wings, but most of all, the splash on the surface of the water with droplets spraying in every direction. This magnificent signed limited edition brings one of the nation’s favourite creatures to life with effortless authenticity and affection.

Biography and work by Debbie Boon

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