Please Don't Let Me Fall
by Charles Patrick

Mixed Media Papercut with Stainless Steel Pins on Canvas Framed
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Medium: Mixed Media Papercut with Stainless Steel Pins on Canvas
Artwork Size: 36″ × 36
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary

About this product

The work of Charles Patrick inhabits the space between the tangible and the digital worlds, bringing together nostalgia and modernity to create bold and provocative statements.

While he uses vintage ephemera such as comics, obsolete maps and currency or old children’s books as the source for his intricately cut paper butterflies, his clean, pixelated designs seem to exchange individual emotional intent for the universal immediacy of contemporary visual language – the language of the digital age.

Targets and hearts, skulls and stars pop from the canvas, formed from dozens of butterflies which are clustered together, suspended like museum specimens on individual entomology pins. These tactile qualities - the texture of the paper, the three-dimensional nature of the work - represent a departure from, or perhaps a comment on, the flat-screen world of digital communication.

Biography and work by Charles Patrick

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