Quiet Light of Morning
by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama


Glazed Original Painting Framed

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Medium: Glazed Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size: 40″ × 60
Framed Size 46″ × 66″ Framed
Subject: Floral
Style: Abstract

About this product

An original piece of artwork by Akiyama in ‘Quiet Light of Morning’ is created with a glazing technique and beautifully painted on canvas. We see spirit guides in the centre of the painting, amongst a colourful array of blossoming flowers. The calming colours of cream, purple, orange, and green strengthen feelings of tranquillity, love, and harmony. Danielle Akiyama annotates ‘Quiet Light of Morning’ -

“This is one of my family relationship pieces in the upper right-hand corner we have the black rooting, or the black roots of where you come from and the story of the family unfolding within these white blossoms are leaning on and supporting one another, reaching up and across the entire canvas, to spread the stories of the generations of family lineage. The two spirit guides on the bottom and two in the upper left corner, and they are there to guide you on your journey forward in this story of family unfolding. The overall sensibility of this piece is about the portent of day, when you wake up and that quiet light of morning – “what will this day be like?” – it is a gift to be unwrapped, it is a treasure unknown, and it’s how you celebrate yourself.”

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