Red Bike and Vigla
by Katharine Dove


Original Painting Framed
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Medium: Original Painting on Box Board
Artwork Size: 20″ × 20
Framed Size 27″ × 27″ Framed
Subject: Animals, Architecture
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Exquisite evocations of the world around us

The exquisite paintings of Katharine Dove are inspired by her surroundings as they shift and change with the passing of the seasons. She finds herself drawn to the built environment and its juxtaposition with the natural world; the regency buildings of a Cotswold town at cherry blossom time, the timeless charm of a Cornish fishing village, or the magical appearance of a gilded carousel set against a starlit sky are amongst the many images that have provided her with a wealth of material.

Kate always carries a camera and a notebook with her on her travels, and the images she captures on film or in sketches form the basis of her work. She is at her happiest when she is working on a new piece, experimenting with a range of media to create innovative and interesting effects that will render her subject recognisable, but leave space for the imagination. Over the years she has developed a distinctive and recognisable style using a unique combination of media to create exquisite hues, delicate details, and on occasion great drama.

Biography and work by Katharine Dove

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