Reflections on Love
by Dan Pearce

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Hand Embellished Mixed Media Edition
Artwork Size: 36″ × 24
Framed Size 38″ × 26″ Framed
Subject: Graffiti, Text
Style: Contemporary

About this product

This dazzling hand-embellished image on mirrored glass is inspired by the classic Madness song ‘It Must be Love’. Part of ‘DNA’, the new collection from innovative British artist Dan Pearce, it invites us to reflect on the biggest subject of them all and to take a look at ourselves in the process. The famous lyric is depicted in a bold, graphic font shaded with a swirling array of pinks and blues, and includes three pink hearts to reinforce Dan’s positive message. Released as a limited edition of 195 copies, each measuring 24 x 36”, ‘Reflections on Love’ will make a striking statement as part of your contemporary art collection.

Biography and work by Dan Pearce

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