Scent from Above
by Dan Pearce

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Hand Embellished Mixed Media Edition
Artwork Size: 39″ × 29
Framed Size 44″ × 34″ Framed
Subject: Graffiti, Icons
Style: Contemporary

About this product

The beauty of Marilyn Monroe, the class of Chanel, and the style of the street come together in this stunning hand embellished mixed media artwork from contemporary artist Dan Pearce. Shades of fuchsia, hot pink and yellow dominate the image and spill over the frame, while black and white is used to make the graffiti stand out in sharp contrast. The iconic perfume bottle, slightly raised from the surface for a 3d effect, frames the famous face of ‘Marilyn, Belle Femme’, and the reference to New York complements the urban glamour of this vibrant piece. ‘Scent from Above’ is available in an exclusive edition of 195 measuring 29 x 39”.

Biography and work by Dan Pearce