Seeking Adventure
by John Waterhouse

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Paper on Board
Artwork Size: 12″ × 12
Framed Size 19″ × 19″ Framed
Subject: Landscape, Nature
Style: Contemporary

About this product

‘Seeking Adventure’, part of ‘Freedom to Discover’, the first new collection for 2023 from contemporary landscape artist John Waterhouse, shows a family enjoying a walk through a field of red poppies in the early morning mist. With woodland trees in the background and the sun’s reflection in the river stream in the foreground, the scene evokes happy memories and nostalgia for childhood walks in the beautiful English countryside in summer. Released as a limited edition of 195 and measuring 12 x 12”, this giclee print artwork would make a worthy addition to any fine art collection.

Biography and work by John Waterhouse