Straight Edge Barber Club
by Vincent Kamp

Edition of 95 Framed
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Medium: Limited Edition on Canvas
Artwork Size: 20″ × 15
Framed Size 28″ × 23″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary

About this product

“I love telling stories with my paintings. Each painting should be able to tease the viewer into using their imagination to tell their own story.” Vincent Kamp

Vincent Kamp is renowned for his dark and compelling artworks and his pioneering immersive fine art experiences. His arresting portraits are built on the assumption that we will always identify with rebels and he is fascinated with those parts of society that many of us never encounter – the urban subcultures that exist all around us yet are invisible to most of us. His world may be an unfamiliar one, but it grips us utterly, drawing us in with its drama, intrigue and undercurrent of danger.

For much of his recent work, Vince has drawn on his love and knowledge of cinema and created immersive cinematic experiences at a variety of glamorous locations from Mayfair galleries to the Amber room at the Ritz. Heavily influenced by films and TV, particularly film noir and gangster genres, he has learnt a huge amount about composition and lighting from cinematographers, and his mesmerising tableaux always evoke emotion and intrigue about the backstory and future of the characters.

He has now written four searing screenplays (The Long Game, The Diamond Roulette, The Queen of Diamonds and Max and Mischa) which he has brought to life with the help of actors including Georgia May Foote, Tamar Hassan and Samuel Anderson. He has designed the sets, hired a film crew and choreographed a stunning series of set pieces through which he has been able to tell his story in a masterly collection of cinematic images.

Biography and work by Vincent Kamp