Taking Flight
by Kay Davenport

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Box Canvas
Artwork Size: 18″ × 46
Framed Size 23″ × 51″ Framed
Subject: Animals, Floral, Nature
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Lyrical floral fantasies

Nature and wildlife have always been the inspiration behind Kay’s work. During the summer months she leaves home at dawn in order to catch the flowers as they are opening, laden with dew, and often spotting bees which are still dormant on a bloom, giving her ample time to capture a series of close up images on which to base her next painting. She photographs her floral subjects at every stage of their life cycle. To her eyes, a windblown bloom which has lost half of its petals is as valid as a perfectly formed bud, in that it has its own natural beauty and charm.

Kay creates her foreground in oils as she loves their versatility and their quality of allowing the perfect blend of colour and texture, but lays this against an acrylic background. She will occasionally embellish a piece with gold or silver leaf to highlight details. She describes herself as having a rather dreamy, happy nature and she believes her personality comes across in her work.

Biography and work by Kay Davenport

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