The First Day of Forever
by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama


Glazed Original Painting Framed

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Medium: Glazed Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size: 48″ × 60
Framed Size 54″ × 66″ Framed
Subject: Landscape
Style: Abstract

About this product

“This is a big celebration piece; it is the marking in the relationship when you realise this is what you want, and this is what you have waiting for and this is the beginning of your journey together. It is a journey painting with the mountains in it, the hills in life we must climb. But as you arrive to the top of these mountains, there is a vast celebration of cherry blossoms that represent renewal, waterfalls that wash us anew. The waterfalls are quite buoyant and exuberant in this piece, we have blue bubbles of protection throughout the piece, so this is a journey you will be fine on, as well as the spirit guides there protecting you. And there is an incredibly soft, supplemental moon rising in the upper right-hand quadrant that’s shining its love light down upon you” – Danielle Akiyama on ‘The First Day of Forever.’
As Japanese spirit guides float through the bluey-green auras above, splashes and sprays from the waterfalls beneath create a serene place of beauty within this original painting by Akiyama. The artwork features pink cherry blossom trees surrounded by domineering mountains. Beautifully original, and ingeniously East Asian.

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