The Twelve Tribes of Israel - Joseph, 1973
by Salvador Dali

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Medium: Drypoint with etching and pochoir in colours
Artwork Size: 26″ × 20
Framed Size 39″ × 33″ Framed
Subject: Animals, Landscape
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Joseph, an etching by Salvador Dalí, is part of the series The Twelve Tribes of Israel which was produced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel. The story of Jacob's visit to Laban to obtain a wife began as a metaphor for the second migration. In this work, Jacob's new family, possessions, and livestock are represented by the form of a unicorn. The swirling curves and circles of the unicorn’s form contrast with the straight lines of the landscape, while the linear perspective of the desert suggests the journey ahead.

Biography and work by Salvador Dali

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