Village Turns To Dreamland

Danielle O'Connor Akiyama


Original Painting

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60″ × 60
66″ × 66″ Framed
Original Painting on Box Canvas

About this product

“A vast airy piece, where the scope is set in my new village in the inky hills, up into the magnitude of the shape-shifting sky. Clouds cascade from the wild heavens and settle into the village, cocooning it into a restful sleep. This is one of the final pieces for this collection and sums up the concept of place; and where we exist within it” – Danielle Akiyama on ‘Village Turns to Greenland.’
This cloudy explosion of colours is one of Akiyama’s original art pieces on box canvas. Both deep and light tones of cyan come together to flow through this incredible painting, with an overlay of dusky clouds and effortless white speckles that almost give an impression of snow.

Biography and work by Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

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