White Barn Owl
by Marco Grasso

Original Painting Framed
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Medium: Original Painting on Stretched Canvas
Artwork Size: 28″ × 35
Framed Size 36″ × 44″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary,Wildlife

About this product

Marco Grasso has a genuine passion for nature and wildlife, subjects which offer him an unlimited source of inspiration. He was born in Cuneo in the Italian Alps, and educated at the Academy of Arts in Florence, but it was his many expeditions to some of the most extraordinary places on earth that ignited his desire to recreate the wonder and diversity of life and to reflect on its majestic beauty.

Marco is interested in the anatomical and behavioural aspects of the subjects he paints, and he seeks to always remain true them and to paint with authenticity, but at the same time, he wants his art to be expressive and emotional; beneath the surface of these stunning paintings there is another layer of meaning to be discovered.

Marco chooses subjects that reflect aspects of the human psyche, perhaps an idea that interests him, or sometimes something more connected to his own state of mind. He explains: “I may use a roaring tiger as a way to convey a sense of rage and hunger, but also a storm of creative passion. A lion or elephant might represent a wise and composed demeanor. I don’t have a strict rule but I seek out subjects that connect with my state of mind.”

The creature he chooses to paint the most often is the tiger. For Marco, these powerful images represent the hunger and fire of youth that he relates to at this stage of his own life. Some of them are dark and have a melancholic beauty, while others are light and full of hope, but all of them convey some element of the artist’s own story. While there are no clear and distinct references to life events, the observer can relate to the emotional power of the image and connect to it.

Biography and work by Marco Grasso

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