Woman Aflame
by Salvador Dali

Edition of 350
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Medium: Bronze Sculpture
Artwork Size: 33″ × 12
Subject: Figurative
Style: Surrealist

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Influenced by Freud’s theories, the drawers inserted into the figure’s torso in Dalí’s bronze sculpture, Woman Aflame, symbolize the unconscious – a mirror of Dalí’s version of the ancient marble Venus de Milo. Aligning the figure’s torso and front leg, these partly opened drawers represent the concealed sexuality of women and the mystery within. Shielding her eyes, the figure leans back onto support crutches that hold her upright. She is consumed by flames that signify a burning desire that cannot be snuffed out. The figure is both composed of the flames and devoured by them. Her face is featureless, allowing her to represent all women, adding another facet to her mystery.

Biography and work by Salvador Dali

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