World Class

Dan Pearce

Edition of 195 Framed

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Medium: Hand Embellished Mixed Media Edition
Artwork Size: 34″ × 26
Framed Size 38″ × 30″ Framed
Subject: Graffiti
Style: Contemporary

About this product

First Class just is not enough of a title for this profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who has proved herself to be in a completely different class for over 90 years. In her Platinum Jubilee year, Dan Pearce has offered us a thought-provoking interpretation of the most famous face of our time in the style of a first-class postage stamp. This highly collectable limited edition makes a powerful statement, highlighting the staying power of the woman who has become a symbol of duty and strength, integrity and endurance – she was born to survive and that is exactly what she has done.

Biography and work by Dan Pearce

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