Working and living on board a cruise ship is different from any other employment; and if you are lucky enough to experience it – you will cherish your time on board for the rest of your life. Gone are the challenges of a daily routine ‘on land’, like cooking meals and commuting to work, paying rent and dealing with utilities bills. These luxuries are replaced with long hours, confined living quarters and intense periods spent at sea however they are rewarded with travelling the world, a gym on your doorstep, professionally cooked meals and having time to go ashore in places you and your family and friends have only ever dreamed of. From Rio to San Francisco, Barbados to St Petersburg, the world is at your feet. Our Art Consultants are usually away from home for an average 6 months at a time, share a cabin with a bathroom and sleep in a bunk bed, they work an average 12 hour day, but have the opportunity to save money and make friends & memories to last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for....


Clarendon Fine Art began as Mayfair’s most elegant new contemporary gallery - established as an exclusive experience in art acquisition, specializing in work from the most talented emerging artists and many important and influential names in recent history. Since then we have expanded with beautiful boutique galleries in Marlow, Cobham and Stow along with three in association with Cunard, on board Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria. Clarendon offers the highest level of service and opportunity to complement lifestyle, collecting intentions and exceeding the guests expectations.

There is always an exciting event scheduled in the Art gallery be it showcasing new artists, original art work shipped straight from the artist’s studio, new published collectable releases, books and sculptures, we offer plenty of ways for guests to broaden their artistic horizons! Guests can sign up and join the Collectors Club - an exclusive members club for all art lovers, opening the door to VIP previews, exclusive invitations to meet the artists on board, attend live painting demonstrations and receive priority access to an exquisite selection of artwork. We have sought out the finest, most exciting artist in their field and in terms of style our diverse array of talents range from impressionistic to photorealistic and everything in between. Clarendon offers the perfect environment within which to choose the perfect artwork, and your on board Art Team are ready and waiting to take you on a journey of artistic