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“We are meaning-makers. We construct our own worlds,

consciously or not.”

Toby Mulligan has an insatiable desire for communication

though art and an intuitive, exploratory style which is very

much in keeping with his personality. While he admires

a wide range of artistic traditions, he has learned over

the years not to be bound by them, but to paint how and

what he likes. He is, he says, influenced by “everything”;

architecture, the spiralling forms of the universe, sound,

DNA, geography, Matisse… He dislikes what he sees as

much of the angst and obscurity of contemporary art,

believing rather that art is something that flows naturally

as a positive response to the world. This is reflected in the

breadth of his subject matter which ranges from figures and

landscapes to still lives and abstracts.

Toby’s distinctive contemporary works have won him

both critical and public acclaim. His work is in collections

ranging from that of Mick Jagger’s French chateau to the

National Portrait Gallery, and his portfolio of portraits

includes a personal commission from Roger Federer and

an award winning and affectionate painting of his daughter

which hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

Toby Mulligan



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