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The Gallery Guide: Introduction

With so much planned for the year ahead, we’re delighted

to present the first of our ‘what’s on’ magazines for 2017,

listing forthcoming events in our four beautiful galleries in

Mayfair, Marlow, Cobham and Stow.

Over the next two months we will be inviting you

to come and meet six major artists from the UK and

beyond. Alongside work from each of these distinguished

individuals, there will be on-going exhibitions of new work

from both familiar names and emerging talents, and our

Modern Masters collection will continue to grow.

While our monthly calendar will allow you to keep track

of what’s happening in your area, we have also included a

full listing of our forthcoming new releases. Invitations will

of course follow closer to the dates, but please feel free to

register for any event via our web site.

We look forward to welcoming you to Clarendon Fine Art.

Click here to view all our upcoming events.