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This spring we are hugely proud that one of the most

distinguished artists in our portfolio will be touring with

Clarendon Fine Art.

Danielle herself draws on her deep sense of spirituality, and

this is what ignites her creative spark again and again. She

has described her eloquent new collection as representing

“the quest of delving deeply into one’s self to mine the

purest part of our inner world.” For her, the act of painting

is inextricably linked to both her own inner life and that

of others. She goes on: “It is from this understanding

that all other relationships stem. When we find this true

connection, then we are able to love and be loved.”

When an artist is this connected with their work, the impact

it makes on others is inevitable, and this is evidenced by the

passion of Danielle’s countless collectors. We are privileged

to welcome her into our galleries in February, and delighted

that she will also reveal a beautiful new collector’s piece,

limited to an edition of 75, which she has created exclusively

for guests at this event.

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama explores

the world within.



February events continued

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