Bear Hug
by Harry Skeggs

Edition of 50 Framed
Medium (30x20")
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Medium: Limited Edition on Paper
Artwork Size: 20″ × 30
Framed Size 29″ × 39″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary,Wildlife

About this product

Choosing to portray his subjects in their own habitats in order to truly tell each animal’s story, wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs spends time with each animal before he photographs them. This allows him to capture moments of intriguing animal behaviour. New 30 x 20” limited edition ‘Bear Hug’, released in an edition of 50, features two fighting polar bears photographed in what, to the casual observer, may almost look like a loving embrace. This striking image set against the snow of the Antarctic would make a captivating addition to any contemporary fine art collection.

Biography and work by Harry Skeggs

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