Black Tip Shark
by Christopher Schulz

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Medium: Stainless Steel Sculpture
Artwork Size: 12″ × 29
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Christopher Schulz brings nature and technology together in his fearsome yet elegant shark sculpture. Motivated by an impulse to engage his audience in sensory exploration, he invites us to take a step closer and connect with both animal and artwork on a visceral level.

Schulz believes that raising awareness of conservation issues is of the utmost importance. As a boy was fascinated by aquariums , terrariums and displays and would sit for hours in front of a large glass habitat watching the inhabitants. He found it a total escape to see a brief glimpse of the world of a particular creature which, while it may not have been completely realistic, was beautiful, none the less. As an adult however, he is no longer comfortable with the idea of animals in captivity, believing it to be contrary to the laws of nature, and these views have shaped the direction of his work.

In their polished elegance, the sharks are therefore presented like scientific specimens, frozen in space and time. In this way the work can be inspected at close range without the displaced claustrophobia, and allow the viewer to form a connection with both the sculpture and the animal itself. “I feel my works bring me closer to that awareness, at the same time letting me submerge myself in the fascination I had as a child.”

Schulz’s evolution into sculpture has come through working in design fields, art galleries and corporate construction projects where his knowledge and talent have been allowed to grow. For him sculpture was a natural next step, a way to combine his love of art and nature with his expertise in technology and engineering, and to create something tangible, luxurious and refined.

Biography and work by Christopher Schulz

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