Carefree Happy Days
by Sherree Valentine Daines

Edition of 195 Framed
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Medium: Canvas on Board
Artwork Size: 20″ × 16
Framed Size 29″ × 25″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary,Naive

About this product

Daines’ Carefree Happy Days limited edition is a picturesque representation of happy memories. The bright blue skies, clear waters and ebbing waves that splash onto the sandy shores encapsulate the British day out to the seaside we all knew and loved in our adolescence. Sail boats and a lighthouse can also be seen in the calming background which is juxtaposed by the liveliness of the heart of the image, the enchanting children. Their white dresses reinforce their innocence along with the pose in which they’re painted armed with fishing nets. This signed collector’s piece from the face of modern British impressionism beautifully illustrates the carefree nature of the ‘happy days’.

Biography and work by Sherree Valentine Daines