Cosmic Spin 272
by Punk Me Tender


Original Mixed Media on Aluminium Framed
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Medium: Original Mixed Media on Aluminium
Artwork Size: 40″ × 40
Framed Size 45″ × 45″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary

About this product

While his works may be immediately recognisable, mysterious French artist Punk Me Tender keeps his identity well hidden, so before he exploded onto the LA art scene 7 years ago, his life is something of a closed book. Born in France in 1982, he studied and practiced his art on the buildings, bridges and underpasses of Paris. While still in his teens he relocated to Los Angeles, and as an advocate for artistic freedom he set out to make his mark on the streets, creating some of the city’s most impressive and talked about murals.

With increasing success and an ever-rising profile, Punk Me Tender set up a studio where he set about creating and developing his own unique techniques, working in almost every medium. Sometimes his work is monochromatic, or coloured simply with splashes of his signature fuchsia pink, but on a different day, his aluminium panel or stretched canvas will be wild and vivid, embracing an array of the most vibrant colours on the spectrum.

Whether he is working on a mural or graffiti art, photography or his more recent 3d spin art pieces, spontaneity has always been the key that unlocked the door to his creativity. He never follows a strategy; he has no modus operandi, no traditional creative approach, and has set no rules - neither would he ever consider following anyone else’s.

Biography and work by Punk Me Tender