Dare to Hope
by Harry Skeggs

Edition of 50 Framed
Medium (30x20")
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Medium: Limited Edition on Paper
Artwork Size: 20″ × 30
Framed Size 29″ × 39″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary,Wildlife

About this product

Award-winning wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs’ new limited edition, ‘Dare to Hope’, released in an edition of 50, features a pair of King penguins on a pebbly beach, with bright rays of sunlight streaming in from behind them. His desire to encourage reflection and change, combined with his immense creativity and talent, allows him to create a truthful and compelling narrative of freedom and hope that is apparent throughout his body of work. Measuring 30 x 20”, this striking piece would make a remarkable addition to any contemporary fine art collection.

Biography and work by Harry Skeggs

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