Elegance Finds Her
by Henry Asencio

Original Painting Framed
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Medium: Original Painting on Board
Artwork Size: 36″ × 12
Framed Size 46″ × 22″ Framed
Subject: Figurative
Style: Contemporary,Impressionist

About this product

Contemporary Californian painter Henry Asencio has emerged as one of the most intriguing artists on the world stage. His compositional style refers to the classical ideals of figurative painting, but merges introspection and visual spectacle with unmistakable modernity. His highly personal investigations of the female figure are characterised by open brushwork, sweeping colour, bold use of texture and great technical precision; qualities that have earned him an impressive range of international accolades. He is fascinated by the dichotomy between the aggression of his painting technique and the tranquillity of the finished composition saying: “Many of us seek harmony and peace, but along the way we embattle the obstacles of life. My earlier work did not acknowledge this. My current work celebrates it.”

Biography and work by Henry Asencio

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