Making Waves (Medium)
by Harry Skeggs

Edition of 50 Framed
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Medium: Limited Edition on Paper
Artwork Size: 20″ × 30
Framed Size 29″ × 39″ Framed
Subject: Animals, Nature
Style: Wildlife

About this product

The enthralling wildlife photography of Harry Skeggs originates in his reverence for the natural world, and his desire to conserve it and those who live within it. He blends fine art and curiosity to empower reflection and change, using his camera to create a truthful and compelling narrative of freedom and hope. His insight, creativity and immense talent have won him awards, acclaim, and praise from the most revered voices working in the world of wildlife. Treating his subjects with sensitivity and respect, photographing them in their own environment and on their own terms pervades each image with a deep sense of calm: “showing our world as it is supposed to be: wild and free.” The key for him is spending time with the animal. Their personalities are gradually revealed over time and the observer can begin to distinguish their unique quirks and habits.

“Harry couples work ethic and manners with intelligence and humility...keep an eye out for him, his star will rise. He is certainly a far more accomplished wildlife photographer than I was at his age.” David Yarrow

Harry’s work is featured regularly in National Geographic and exhibited all over the world and his collectors include American football star Shamar Stephen and global corporation Ernst & Young; he is a member of the Institute of Photography.

Charitable work is hugely important to Harry and he has raised huge sums for a wide range of environmental and wildlife causes. He wants his photography to be “for wildlife as much as it is of wildlife”.

Biography and work by Harry Skeggs

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