Pastel Fowers Chanel No.5
by Paul Thierry

Edition of 1 Framed
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Artwork Size: 47″ × 47
Subject: Still Life
Style: Contemporary

About this product

Paul Thierry’s distinctive, brightly coloured images juxtapose sleek and stylish subjects with a gritty urban backdrop where graffiti provides a stark contrast to high end brands or iconic characters. Paul’s unusual and unmistakable technique and presentation give his large scale works a unique intensity and effect. Each one is created as a monotype, a long established technique which he has developed in his studio and transformed from a traditional method into something dynamic and avant-garde.

With the monotype (“one image”) only a single impression is produced. Instead of the original being painted onto canvas or paper, Paul uses a glass or acrylic plate as his surface. He then prints the motif onto canvas creating a monotype which can be clearly identified as such.

Biography and work by Paul Thierry

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