Yesterday's Kings
by Harry Skeggs

Edition of 50 Framed
Medium (25x20")

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Medium: Limited Edition on Paper
Artwork Size: 20″ × 25
Framed Size 29″ × 35″ Framed
Subject: Animals
Style: Contemporary,Wildlife

About this product

Award-winning wildlife photographer Harry Skeggs is back with a new collection, which includes powerful limited edition ‘Yesterday’s Kings’. Measuring 25 x 20”, the giclee print features a King penguin in the foreground, proudly showing off his vibrant orange and yellow feathers. In the background of the image, through the thin mist that envelops the pebbled shore, a huddle of penguins are just visible. Released in an edition of 50, the compelling piece would make for a striking and thought-provoking addition to any contemporary fine art collection.

Biography and work by Harry Skeggs

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