Simon Kenny - Infinite Worlds

The celebrated British abstract artist is back with his much-anticipated new collection of luminous limited editions and originals which radiate otherworldly light and energy.

01 December 2022

The Connor Brothers - Uncensored

Irreverent artistic duo the Connor Brothers have launched a new collection of no-holds-barred artworks this November including previously unseen originals

16 November 2022

Every Day We Ignite The Passion

This year we have picked five of the hottest interior trends for 2023 to show you just some of the ways in which artwork can add visual and emotional value to any setting. Take a tour of our virtual home to see how art can introduce beauty, drama or amusement, can create a talking point, can change an atmosphere, or can express your personality and reflect your lifestyle. Our galleries are ready to welcome you over the festive season to connect you with the art you love – art that captures your taste, style and passions, and transforms your home this Christmas.

11 November 2022

New collection from Fabian Perez

This diverse and exciting new collection displays all the hallmarks that make it unmistakably Fabian Perez, but also introduces a beautiful new style which takes his mesmerising world and expands it in rich new directions. In contrast to the familiar heady after-dark scenes, a new departure brings light and quiet grace as the artist allows us a tantalising glimpse at a place very close to his heart, his beloved Cielo Ranch.  

07 November 2022