From tranquil beach scenes to the frozen expanse of the Antarctic, Philip Gray takes us on a journey from the familiar shores of home to astonishing undiscovered worlds. Philip’s powerful oil paintings and pastels have won him an impressive range of awards, media coverage and celebrity collectors. He is also in demand as a painting performer and raconteur, and his live painting shows have amazed and delighted audiences all over the world.


All travellers must have a place to come back to, and on occasion Philip returns to the waters of home. In these mesmerising scenes the drama is replaced by atmosphere, as rather than stand back and admire, we are encouraged to step forwards and inhabit the works themselves.

Peaceful Life
Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size 20 x 20”


“It was a momentous experience painting here in a location of unimaginable beauty. People say that for those who have ventured through these regions, you will return a changed person. This was certainly true in my case and it was a great joy to return to my studio in Ireland and be able to paint with renewed energy.”

Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size 24 x 39”

What sets Philip apart from other artists is his process. Why simply imagine the view from Everest when you can paint it live at 20,000 feet?

Despite the fact that the terrain and the climate made this the most challenging trek of his life, Philip experienced a magical, almost spiritual journey through the interior of this beautiful and fascinating country.


In 2019, Philip’s documentary ‘A Peace Within’ was selected for the World Ocean Film Festival which toured UK cinemas in the autumn. In this beautiful and atmospheric film, we watch him venture below the surface to paint Mexico’s ‘cenotes’ – astounding clear-water subterranean pools, viewed by the ancient Mayans as gateways to the afterlife.

Underwater Mystery II
Original Painting on Box Canvas
Artwork Size 30 x 30”


After spending 17 years as a diver in the navy, Philip has an innate love of the sea, both above and below the surface. He has travelled the world looking for new locations, new inspiration and new challenges and Antarctica offered all of these things.

 “I feel very privileged to have witnessed these inaccessible realms, as they are themselves precious works of art.”