Introducing Christopher Schulz

Motivated by an impulse to engage his audience in sensory exploration, Schulz invites us to take a step closer to his subjects which are at once fearsome and refined and to connect with both animal and artwork on a visceral level...

25 April 2022

New works from Maya

Living and working in Canada, Maya has gained an international reputation for her evocative forest scenes, florals and seascapes...

19 April 2022

The Butterfly Effect

Punk Me Tender is a French street artist living in LA whose 3D mixed media artworks explore the ideas of evolution and transformation.

14 April 2022

Hold onto Hope

It is 20 years since Banksy’s iconic Girl with Balloon made her first appearance on the wall under Waterloo Bridge accompanied by the words “there is always hope.”

06 April 2022

Endless Summer

Sherree Valentine-Daines is widely considered to be one of the foremost impressionist artists working in the UK...

28 March 2022

The Remix

These innovative mixed media portraits blend modern day street art with the pop art influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein to create bold new interpretations which overflow with colour, originality and wit.

24 March 2022

Elements of Life

Sannino has dedicated his whole life to painting. Born in Naples in 1959, he studied art the old fashioned way, tracing the footsteps of Italian masters across Europe, absorbing their art, their home, and their legacy....

18 March 2022

An alternative take on the digital age

Over the last decade we have grown used to digital representations of reality in art, but Patrick is giving us something completely new here. Playing with our expectations and reversing the norms he references history, culture and nature to create ironic real-world versions of apparently digital images.

18 March 2022

All you need is He(Art)

The new collection from phenomenal French street artist Mr. Brainwash reflects his belief that love is the thing that matters most in the world...

14 March 2022

Under the Sun

Jeffrey Pratt’s search for colour has taken him all over the world on a vibrant journey of self-discovery...

10 March 2022

Clarendon Fine Art comes to Lymington

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new Clarendon Fine Art in Lymington, one of the country’s most exciting centres for art and culture, sat on the coastline of Hampshire.

04 March 2022