Under the Sun

Jeffrey Pratt’s search for colour has taken him all over the world on a vibrant journey of self-discovery...

10 March 2022

Clarendon Fine Art comes to Lymington

We are delighted to announce the opening of a new Clarendon Fine Art in Lymington, one of the country’s most exciting centres for art and culture, sat on the coastline of Hampshire.

04 March 2022

A new collection of beauty and fame from street artist BNS

This new collection reflects the artist’s interest in the vitality and animation of the city. In it, he explore the ways in which the built environment coexists with, and impacts on, nature and humanity, often juxtaposing faces and flowers with graffiti and crumbling facades.

07 February 2022

Crystal clear messages from Stephen Graham

Stephen has always been intrigued by negative space and how this translates into interesting compositions and uses this theatrical platform to intricately construct and create three-dimensional artworks with his precision “pin” technique..

04 February 2022
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