Sannino’s innovative portrayals of the urban landscape and the surface of water hover between the abstract and the figurative. Inspired by his extensive travels he paints cities from all over Europe, but Manhattan has a special place in his heart thanks to the distinctive geometry of the buildings and the sharp strokes of the city’s unique skyline. 

He is fascinated by the effects of light on all elements of the environment, built or natural, and has a particular interest in capturing the iridescent qualities of water in the landscape – a body of work that contrasts with yet complements his urban portfolio. Capturing a moment with his camera, he realises his vision on aluminium, applying oils with brushes, spatulas and fingers. He adds and removes the paint constantly until he achieves the subtle shimmer that is unique to his work, and gives is a quality of reflectiveness, both literal and metaphorical.

Shining Waters
Edition of 195, 36x36”

“The beauty of the landscape both urban and natural is enhanced by the beauty of the light, and this is what I paint.”


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