Campbell La Pun

Living and working in the fast paced and vibrant city of Tokyo, Campbell is inspired, quite simply, by the world around him and its dizzying array of sights, sounds and sensations.

Colour combinations, conversations with friends, even drinking a bottle of champagne can provide the impetus for a new handmade and high impact piece. The constant bombardment of global advertising from high end brands – Chanel, Supreme, Dom Perignon -  pop culture iconography, a vast population and a hi-tech economy all feed into his unique, large scale works, which he creates with his own handmade stencils and spray paints on wood and canvas. The originality of his ideas and his distinctive style has led to exhibitions on four continents and he his appeal has reached a wide range of collectors from pop stars and influencers such as Mel B and Kylie Jenner, to many corporations, most recently, Moet Hennessy (Suisse).

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