Debra Franses


Debra’s compressed resin sculptures, 3d wall art and lightboxes examine that modern phenomenon of self-curation, how we present ourselves in both the material and digital worlds and how the objects we carry reflect our identity both physically and mentally.

She is intrigued by our complex relationship with objects which are both consumable fashion goods and important reference points in our lives, celebrating love, recalling events, or reinforcing our dreams and aspirations. Art, she says, is her universal language for exploring all the colourful facets of life. Since her first solo show in New York City in 2009, Debra has exhibited and sold her work in many of the world’s most glamorous locations and to clients as diverse as Coca Cola, the SWMB museum in Basel and Gucci. We are delighted to add her luxurious and original Artbags to our portfolio. You can view the collection in our catalogue, join us in your nearest gallery or contact us to discuss availability.