Introducing creative artist, fashion designer and social media star

‘The Queen of the World’s Most Expensive.’

Debbie Wingham is a world-renowned fashion designer and multimedia artist. She started her career in haute couture and has gone on to explore a multitude of art forms and materials over the years, becoming famous for creating a series of the world’s most expensive items, including objets d’art, shoes, dresses, accessories and even cakes. She made the transition into the world of fine art in 2021 when her debut exhibition, ‘Everyone's Got Baggage`, was presented in Marbella and garnered critical acclaim around the world. With studios in Malaga and Dubai, Debbie has a global following and her work has been featured at the Monaco Grand Prix, New York fashion week, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Billionaires Club and in 5 star hotels around the world. Her high-profile clients include Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry, Dubai Tourism, Kempinski Group and Accor Hotel Group, and she has earned the epithet, “the Queen of the World’s Most Expensive.” Frequently using upcycled materials, she is also a leader in Eco-Luxury.

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