Mesmerising new release

Nick Oneill

Nick Oneill is an award-winning British artist and scuba diver whose mesmerising portrayals of marine life sparkle like the oceans they represent.

“I want people to see the beauty that exists in nature in the hope it will inspire them to protect it.”


Oneill is spired by his passion for wildlife and his personal commitment to conservation. A combination of life experience and artistic gifts has led him to develop a unique style of painting to best portray the light and life of the underwater world. Before becoming a professional wildlife artist, he enjoyed a successful career in the motorsport industry as a custom painter, and he still employs the skills and even some of the materials he used at that time, alongside more traditional painting techniques. Although best known for his signature black backgrounds, over the last few years he has been experimenting with tinted resins, covering the canvas completely to recreate the effect of the ocean’s surface. This pioneering technique adds a stunning reflective quality to the work which he sometimes highlights with both base and precious metal leaf.

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