and the legacy of Andy Warhol

In 1964 Andy Warhol was celebrated for his images of famous faces and brands, so his now iconic Flowers series was something completely new, untethered to any particular idea, reference or trope from the world of popular culture. In 2022 however, Warhol himself is a brand and his influence is ever present in the worlds of contemporary pop and street art.

This spring, Mr. Brainwash has ventured into the world of nature paying tribute to the series with a looser interpretation of the familiar quartet of flowers, and referencing his inspiration with a typically cheeky nod to Warhol in their title. Exploring a repeated floral motif he has used the silkscreen process to create six different variations on a theme in such a way that together they create a spectacular wall of colour and light. Although flowers may seem to depart from pop art’s more usual preoccupation with commercialism, the natural shapes, bold patterns, and bright colours resonate with the 1960s fashions of Warhol’s day. Whereas his more usual subjects of brands and personalities are cultural icons, flowers are themselves iconic and of course, the universally recognised face of flower power!

The collection also includes originals which are shown in our online catalogue – please contact us to enquire about availability.