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Introducing the complex mixed media portraiture of Alea Pinar Du Pre

Alea’s works have been described as a contemporary fusion of materials and outlooks. She has developed radically new and innovative approaches to paintings which mix digital art with what she calls, ‘the real world’. Hand painted and crafted using her own uniquely developed techniques, her works explore the territory between perception and reality, the virtual and the corporeal. She chooses to represent faces that seem to hold a secret behind the eyes; faces that combine vulnerability with strength and have a story to tell. Alea is captivated by the idea that physical reality is not a collection of separate objects as it appears, but instead, is an undivided whole in a dynamic state of flux. This has inspired her to create artistic metaphors reflecting this more challenging view of a very new kind of reality. Her work is held in many significant private and corporate collections including Sabanci Holding, the Bora Collection and ICBC Bank.

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