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Love Letters from Danielle

Toronto based artist Danielle O’Connor Akiyama is flying in to the UK to make a rare personal appearance at Clarendon Fine Art in Mayfair this spring. The award winning international artist will be unveiling an exquisite new collection of original paintings at a private view, and the exhibition will be open to the public with works going on sale from Thursday 27th March to Saturday 5th April.

This deeply personal collection comes from the heart of Danielle’s creative imagination. On many of these canvases she has written what she calls a ‘drift’ – a brief and beautiful poetic piece of writing about life and love. Sometimes the words are etched into the paint and partially visible, but more often she has painted over the ‘drift’ so that it is no longer visible to the eye.

Danielle has spent much of her life travelling and has exhibited her vibrant and exquisite masterpieces to great acclaim all over the world. She undertook the rigorous training of Japanese brush painting and her unique fusion of eastern and western artistry has led to her works being highly prized by art collectors from both sides of the Pacific. She has also received many prestigious awards over the years, including the President’s Choice award at the Florence Biennale.