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Modern Masters Spotlight - Sir Peter Blake


Sir Peter Blake emerged in the 1950s as one of the leading British Pop Artists; he is most well known, perhaps, for his part in the design of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper album cover in 1967. Blake is one of Britain's most influential living artists, and Clarendon is proud to offer for sale a number of superb examples of his original and graphic work which are available to view at Clarendon Mayfair, Marlow, Cobham or Stow on request.  Born in 1932 in Dartford, Kent, Blake studied at the Royal College of Art (1953-56) where he was part of a circle of influential young painters including David Hockney. At the RCA Blake experimented with popular culture images such as circus performers, film stars, children’s games, badges and comics. During this time he also explored the juxtaposition of flat planes of pure colour with images of musicians, actors and models, including rock ‘n’ roll icons such as Elvis Presley.

In 1969, Blake moved to the West Country and six years later, co- founded the Brotherhood of Ruralists. Since then he has produced more traditional paintings and watercolours alongside collages and work in three dimensions. He was elected Member of the Royal Academy of Arts in 1981 and was awarded a CBE in 1983. In the same year, a major retrospective of his work at London’s Tate Gallery was one of the most successful exhibitions ever held there for a living artist. He is now an active Royal Academician, and was the chief curator of the RA’s 2001 Summer Exhibition.

In Homage to Kurt Schwitters I is a collage from a series of the same name which comprises six works (all held in private collections), each an homage to the avant-garde collage artist, Kurt Schwitters. Schwitters’ collage aesthetic has been a great influence not only on Blake but an entire generation of artists working in the twentieth century. Blake's appropriation of Schwitters’ style for this series is part of a larger body of work in which he intentionally imitates his favourite artists. Assembled from ticket stubs, newspaper clippings and cigarette packets, In Homage to Kurt Schwitters I was published as a print and is an important late work. Alphabet is a set of 26 humorous, nostalgic and eclectic silkscreen prints, produced by Sir Peter Blake in 1991 ranging from the unexpected (P for Pachyderm for example) to the iconic (K for King - Elvis that is). Alphabet characterises Blake's method of working, appropriating ‘ found ’ imagery from such day to day items as postcards and magazines . Now one of Blake's most well known creations , the Alphabet series toured the UK in 2010 as part of a Hayward Touring exhibition which was shown at galleries, museums and other publicly-funded venues throughout Britain.

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