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The Art of Icons

Clarendon is delighted to premiere a show stopping collection of new works from an exciting emerging talent on the British contemporary art scene. Zinsky’s celebrity portraits have made a huge impact in the UK; in a world where the art of the icon is in such great demand, he brings something completely new to this hugely popular genre. The confidence and skill he demonstrates within his compositions combines with the speed and spontaneity with which he works, demonstrating a raw talent that is completely natural. He captures each expression with unerring accuracy and places the characters in contrasting colour settings which have been carefully created to enhance the atmosphere of the moment. A reclusive artist, Zinsky was born and brought up in the UK but now lives in Barcelona. Spending time in a city famous for its architecture, art and culture has had a profound impact on his work, and he has absorbed influences and ideas from his surroundings. A definite non-conformist, it is the art of the streets and the bohemian fringes that he admires rather than the more officially sanctioned establishment work, yet ironically the brilliance of his own oil paintings makes them look at home in the most formal of public galleries.  

Join us at Clarendon and come face to face with some of the most familiar icons of our time.