The Connor Brothers' UNCENSORED collection contains explicit language that may cause offence.

Part nostalgic homage, part irreverent pastiche, Uncensored reinvents a series of classic book covers to make a playful but important statement about art, literature and liberation. By remaining faithful to the iconic typography, graphics and colours but replacing the titles with their own words, the artists have given us an uncensored collection of artwork which is sometimes philosophical, sometimes outrageous, but always thought-provoking.

The collection comprises eight titles, each of which is available in a choice of stylish formats, colours and sizes.

With these no-holds-barred statement pieces, the Brothers have abandoned any pretence at subtlety and harnessed some of life’s current cynicism in the strongest language. These are bold artworks which have something to say - and are not afraid to say it. 

Uncensored is available in a range of mediums, colours and sizes, including an exclusive limited edition of just 75, each of which retains the vibrancy of the colours and stays faithful to the smallest nuance and detail.

Giclee Edition of 75
20 x 30"

Other sizes available, contact your nearest gallery for more information

Reflecting their fascination with self-deception and the way we allow ourselves, edit our own stories, the Brothers have created a range of ironic truisms that we can all recognise and relate to.


There are just 30 copies of each of these hand-coloured editions making them highly desirable collector’s pieces.


Hand-Coloured Print Edition of 30
20 x 30"


Other sizes available, contact the gallery for more information

Uncensored includes a spectacular series of exclusive originals, whose bold saturated colours make them visually arresting, even before we have registered the artists’ intention to amuse, entertain, and create controversy.


Original Oil on Canvas
28 x 40"


Other sizes available, contact the gallery for more information

Since their true identity was revealed by the Telegraph over 10 years ago, The Connor Brothers have been causing chaos in the art world with their hard-hitting combination of retro design and contemporary satire.

They are highly valued and outspoken supporters of countless social causes, collaborating with partners such as Noel Gallagher and Pussy Riot, and using their art to raise awareness and funds for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), the Teenage Cancer Trust, and numerous homelessness and refugee charities. Their work has been included in such major collections as the V&A, the Omar Koch, Niarchos and Penguin collections, and Banksy’s dystopian ‘bemusement park’ Dismaland.