A new collection of original works from


Jeffrey Pratt’s search for colour has taken him all over the world on a vibrant journey of self-discovery.

His extravagant palette and courageous handling of paint bring life and energy to each work, yet conversely his technical discipline, stylistic restraint and unique grasp of nuance can create a sense of peace and stillness. Painting ‘en plein air’ – out on location – is the key element of his creative process allowing him to get to the heart of a scene in a way that he believes would be impossible in a studio. Working directly from life means that he paints his own interpretation of his own experience, which guarantees immediacy and integrity. Pratt’s paintings have been exhibited in many prestigious galleries from the USA to Singapore and the West Indies, and his collectors include influential Jewellery designer Elizabeth Gage and celebrity chef Rick Stein. His London exhibitions include a major one man show at Lloyds of London - a red carpet event which was personally arranged by the chairman of Lloyds (himself a collector).  The new collection, characterised by fresh swathes of vivid colour and bold, painterly brushwork, represents a great opportunity to invest in the works of this much-loved British colourist. 

Watch our exclusive new film which offers a narrated tour of the exhibition on the gallery wall, and view the complete collection in our online catalogue. You are as always welcome to join us in your nearest gallery or contact us to discuss any of the works shown or to arrange an appointment.