Elements of Life


“I take images of daily life, often overlooked or forgotten, and reproduce them on aluminium so that they can shine in their own light...”

Sannino has dedicated his whole life to painting. Born in Naples in 1959, he studied art the old fashioned way, tracing the footsteps of Italian masters across Europe, absorbing their art, their home, and their legacy. But while his knowledge is rooted in history, his technique and execution speak to modernity. Although he paints cities from London to Rome, his first love is Manhattan thanks to the tall geometric buildings which inspire him with their “sharp strokes and interruptions – the finished and the unfinished.”

He uses his camera to catch the perfect fragment of light in that moment when everything seems to be frozen and timeless; he then realises his vision on aluminium, applying oils with brushes, spatulas and fingers, adding and removing paint constantly until he achieves the subtle shimmer that is unique to his work.

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