Spectacular originals, high impact sculptures, enlightening neons and a vibrant new limited edition reflect the legendary street artist’s inspirational attitude to life and art!

In this witty graphic image Mr. Brainwash has replaced Lady Liberty’s torch with a paintbrush to reinforce his message that art can enlighten the world.

“Mr. Brainwash wants his audience to change their ideas of what art can mean. Art is freedom. This print uses several pieces of American iconography. The American flag stands out to Liberty's left while Captain America watches from above. Lady Liberty transformed into an artist, with a wet paintbrush in place of a torch and a respirator hanging from her neck. She is a symbol of international relationships, a friend that welcomes all and shows us that the right to self-expression is freedom.”


Liberty '22
Silkscreen Edition on Paper
Edition size of 150
30 x 22”

These mixed media original sculptures showcase Mr. Brainwash’s creativity and his endless ability to both amaze and amuse us.

Any Mr. Brainwash artwork makes an impact, but these oversized high-value statement pieces will cause a sensation wherever they go.

These show stopping works celebrate culture, imagination and sheer audacity to deconstruct familiar images from television, comic books, magazines, movies, advertising and more to offer a unique view of life.

Subversive and playful as ever, Mr. Brainwash breaks all the rules in this flamboyant collection of original canvases, letting the paint escape the confines of the canvas …

Mr. Brainwash has 'interrupted' a series of iconic paintings, transforming them from classical materworks into statements which range from the witty or subversive to the downright surreal.

Juxtaposing antique-style gold framed mirrors with ultramodern lighting, Mr. Brainwash reflects, both literally and metaphorically, the timeless nature of art and design.

December 2022 saw the opening of the long-awaited Mr. Brainwash Art Museum in Beverly Hills, hosting a one-of-a-kind exhibition exploring his evolution since he came to prominence in Banksy’s award-winning documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop.

The culmination of a decade’s worth of solo shows around the globe as well as collaborations with everyone from Madonna to Pope Francis, the Mr. Brainwash Art Museum consists of vibrant, multi-medium works and immersive installations that invite visitors into the artist’s energetic and hopeful worldview.